According to Ministry of Health regulations (Director’s Circular MOH, 1995) medical devices and implants in use in the State of Israel must appear in the AMAR list and follow the AMAR registration procedures. According to this regulation, medical institutions are not allowed to purchase medical devices that do not appear in the AMAR list of the Ministry of Health.

A unit called AMAR Division is responsible for listing. This unit examines certificates and approvals from relevant accepted regulatory bodies around the world and issues permits according to these documents, or based on their own review and criteria.

MedicSense Ltd offers its services in submitting and renewing AMAR submissions, and help in preparing requests for Free Sale Certificates and customs import certificates.

Why is it worth your while to use our services?

  • MedicSense has a deep understanding of the regulations and demands for AMAR registration.
  • We have experience in preparing large numbers of AMAR applications.
  • We have many years of experience in dealing with the AMAR division.
  • You save your resources by speeding up the process of preparing the application and waiting for its final approval.

In addition, we monitor the status of the listing and the renewal date so that you can be sure that your approval will remain valid.

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